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Perrine Pepiot

Perrine Pepiot

Assistant Professor in the Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Dr. Pepiot is interested in the production and utilization of renewable liquid transportation fuels from a modeling perspective. Her current work aims at gaining a better understanding of the biomass thermochemical conversion processes such as pyrolysis and gasification through the use of detailed multi-scale numerical techniques. Dr. Pepiot is also interested in the development of automatic tools to reduce the complexity of large chemical mechanisms and generate low-order kinetic models for conventional and bio-fuels combustion.

Prior to joining the Cornell faculty in 2011, Dr. Pepiot was a research scientist at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado, developing chemical and multi-phase flow models to investigate biomass gasification in fluidized bed reactors for ethanol production. Dr. Pepiot has a Ph.D. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University, and a M.S. in Aeronautics and Astronautics from the Ecole Nationale Superieure de l'Aeronautique et de l'Espace (Supaero) in Toulouse, France.

Post-Doctoral Students

None currently

Graduate Students

Youwen Liang

Youwen Liang

Adaptive chemistry reduction techniques for turbulent flame simulations


Lara Backer

Lara C. Backer

Turbulent spray combustion modeling

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Himanshu Goyal

Himanshu Goyal

Biomass thermochemical conversion

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Ashish Newale

Ashish Newale

LES/PDF simulations with adaptive chemistry of diffusion flames


Undergraduate Students

None currently

Visiting Students

None currently


  • Christopher Frewin MS 2015
    Analysis of combustion kinetics
  • Charlelie Laurent Visiting Student, ENS Cachan, France 2014-2015
    Model reduction, CFD
  • Mason Montgomery BS 2015
    Biomass vapor catalytic upgrading, turbulent riser reactor simulations
  • Krithika Narayanaswamy Post-doc 2014-2015
    Real fuel surrogates, Chemical model reduction
    Email| Webpage
  • Kara Malhotra MS 2013
    Global kinetics for biomass simulations, Fluidized bed reactors
  • Catherine Gruselle Visiting PhD, CORIA, France 2012
    Numerical simulations of turbulent stratified flame propagation

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Marvin, our group's 1192-core supercomputer, came online in early 2012.


Student Youwen Liang with Prof. Heinz Pitsch during the 2012 Princeton Combustion Summer School.